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18th-Sep-2007 01:51 pm(no subject)
7th-Sep-2007 09:55 pm(no subject)
Chaser Motorcade Footage:

They spent $170 million on security, and the Chaser walks in with a false motorcade. It wasn't until one of them got out of the car dressed as Osama bin Laden that they realised something was wrong.

And here are the "media passes" they used! Lolz to the max.
6th-Sep-2007 04:26 pm(no subject)
Today James and I went to Freestyle – New Australian Design for Living. So good!

Some of the fabulousness:

Eyoi yoi pendant – Marc Pascal

Stitch chair – Adam Goodrum. This chair folds up to just 15mm thick!

Lace – Bernabei Freeman. This is my favourite.

There was some amazing cutlery but I didn't write down the name of the designer. :( Wait - found it - Oliver Smith, except his website doesn't have the photos.

Ribs - Stefan Lie
26th-Aug-2007 08:31 pm(no subject)
Summer is definitely here. The first blowfly made its way into the house today, and buzzed around while I was rearranging my room. Warmer weather also means it will be increasingly tempting not to go to classes and spend my days lazing on the Uni lawns.

Tired from last night. Need more sleep. And maybe some chocolate. I also have a bit of a thing for built-in shelving at the moment.
17th-Jul-2007 03:07 pm(no subject)
Last week of holidays before uni goes back for the semester.

Spent a week down the coast which was lovely. PhotosCollapse )
It was sunny for about ten minutes while we were there, but the house was cosy, and it was nice to do nothing but read and cook.

Apparently I've had the ending of the last Harry Potter book spoiled for me, but I refuse to believe it, and there's still a whole book to get through first. Pah.

Am thinking about a trip to America and Canada in late Jan/Feb, with a stop off in Asia along the way. Most likely East Coast, since my friend Naomi has an internship at a law firm in Washington. This would require some hardcore saving on my part, but I think I could do it.
3rd-Jun-2007 07:03 pm - Grandparents

Nancy and Peter.
28th-May-2007 10:35 pm(no subject)

Carl Andre, Equivalent VIII, 1966.

Often called the ‘neo-moderns’, minimalism evolved out of the notion that all existing values must be re-valued. There was a nihilistic and absolute attitude – form became removed from content; materials were used through exploration; and most importantly, there was never an underlying meaning to the artists work. For many minimalist designers it was imperative that the original notions of functionality were destroyed, or deconstructed, so that the barest elements remained, and a new meaning was able to be applied to the object.

The ‘Farnsworth House’, by Mies van der Rohe is one such example – by completely opening the house to the outside through the use of glass walls, he radically altered the way that house would be used. Due to the openness of the house, the traditional conceptions of privacy within the household unit were completely removed, forcing the occupant to exist within the space in a new manner.
“Every physical element has been distilled to its irreducible essence.” Farnsworth House History.

Mies van der Rohe, Farnsworth House, 1945-51.

I feel like my life lacks a philosophy to bind it.
20th-May-2007 07:24 pm(no subject)
Here's me getting excited about Art History.

The movement of Postmodernism began with architecture, as a reactionary movement against the perceived blandness and hostility present in the Modern movement. Modern Architecture as established and developed by masters such as Walter Gropius and Philip Johnson was focused on the pursuit of an ideal perfection, harmony of form and function and dismissal of frivolous ornament.

Critics of modernism argued that the attributes of perfection and minimalism themselves were subjective, and pointed out anachronisms in modern thought and questioned the benefits of its philosophy. Definitive postmodern architecture such as the work of Michael Graves rejects the notion of a 'pure' form or 'perfect' architectonic detail, instead conspicuously drawing from all methods, materials, forms and colors available to architects.

Postmodern architecture began the reaction against the almost totalitarian qualities of Modernist thought, favoring personal preferences and variety over objective, ultimate truths or principles. It is this atmosphere of criticism, skepticism and subjectivity that defines the postmodern philosophy.

From Wiki. I love Post-Modern architecture.

And also Colour Field in art. Big blocks of colour = art. YES!

Also, Geoffry Rush has synestheia, and I'm so jealous.
18th-May-2007 11:12 am(no subject)
90"s REVIVAL!Collapse )
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